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1996 Pontiac Sunturd

About This Vehicle:

it's a community slut,. We only drive it when were doing things to our other cars, or if we go to bars and colleges for parties. March of 09 it got swipped by a soccer mom on her phone pulling out of a taco bell...totalled then we fixed it bought it back and pushed her to 210k the the trans went and we sold it.

Body Style: Coupe
Color: red-TOTALLED
Engine: ohv powa
Transmission: Manual
Interior: charcoal/and faded paint
Purchase Date: 07
Purchased From: stupid kid for 500

Manufacturer Options

  • power sunroof and tilt thats it


  • ghetto wai from previous owner
  • 186k miles
  • lowwer mount
  • head gasket at 196k-ish
  • pulls to the left and needs control arm bushings
  • Installed poly control arm bushings
  • new ball joints
  • tein-stechs
  • koni yellows
  • dusty
  • dents
  • oxidation
  • scratches
  • cracked bumpers from hitting other friends beaters at lights
  • spare pioneer headunit
  • rear speakers from an 06' g6
  • run it into the ground replace the motor and do it again
  • maybe new struts and control arm bushings.