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'05 GM Small Car Bash Flyers
Saturday, March 19, 2005 10:26 AM



1/4 Mile Drag Racing!
Swimsuit Competition!
Car Show!
Vendor Booths and Displays!

Registration price includes entrance for driver & passenger for both days; vehicle entrance in car show and drag racing.
$35 - Pre Registration
Online Registration ($1.50USD additional) | Mail In Form (PDF File)
$45 - Day Of Event

Car Show Classes:
Classes maybe be added, removed, or modified based on event attendance.
1st and 2nd Generation J-Body - Original/Restored 1st and 2nd Generation J-Body - Modified
3rd Generation J-Body - Stock Aveo - Stock
Aveo - Modified Berretta - Stock
Berretta - Modified Cavalier 1995-99 - Street
Cavalier 1995-99 - Mild Cavalier 1995-99 - Wild
Cavalier 2000-05 - Street Cavalier 2000-05 - Mild
Cavalier 2000-05 - Wild Cobalt - Stock
Cobalt - Modified ION - Stock
ION - Modified Sunfire - Mild
Sunfire - Wild Vibe - Stock
Vibe - Modified Sedan - Mild (excludes Vibe or Aveo)
Sedan - Wild (excludes Vibe or Aveo) Radical (includes all model listed above)

More companies are coming onboard everyday for this event. To find out how your company can get involved, email us at marketing@gmsmallcarbash.com.
Platinum Level:
General Motors

Gold Level:
EasyStreet Air Suspension
RSM Racing
Hahn Racecraft

Silver Level:
Gauge Online Magazine
A Plus Performance

Bronze Level:
California Car Duster
Advanced Engine Management
Mother Polishes

Re: '05 GM Small Car Bash Flyers
Tuesday, May 24, 2005 3:06 PM
How does a stock class work? Does that mean entrants just can't have significant mods, or it has to be exactly as it came from the factory?

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