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Sales and Group Purchase Forum Rules
Thursday, July 28, 2005 2:57 PM
The Group Purchase Forum is to be used solely for the organization of company sponsored Group Purchases.

NOTE: This is not a Forum to sell personal items. Personal items may be listed in the Classifieds.


All GP's contained within are solely for use by companies to promote their products as well as members to receive discounts on those products. Since companies are essentially paying for advertising, the following fees will be implemented:

$20 US for an initial Group Purchase
$10 US each additional GP by the same member

Once a member successfully completes a GP, they are moved to an "approved" list from where they will be permitted to continue running GP's at a reduced rate of $10 per GP. Refunds for unsuccessful GP's ran from an "approved" list member will receive a full $10 refund. An unsuccessful GP ran by a member not on the "approved" list will not receive a refund.


Only one group purchase per item is permitted at one time. If another company has an active GP on a product, you must wait until that GP has been completed before you may offer the same item.

Advertising in another company's GP is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.


  1. Seller will pay for GP (see below).

  2. Seller will create the post.

  3. Moderator will verify that the money has been paid and approve the post.

  4. Those running it, as well as all those interested will be free to post and ask questions once the initial post is approved.

  5. Once GP is completed, Seller will contact the Moderator within 7 days of the ending date to verify its completion/failure. Failure to do so will result in future sanctions including, but not limited to:

    • Revocation of "approved" list status

    • Temporary or permanent ban from the GP Forum

    • Temporary or permanent ban from JBO


Send payments by paypal for fastest service -

New Group Purchase: $20.00 USD

Approved Sellers: $10.00 USD

Payments may take up to 48 hours for processing. You will receive notification to your paypal E-Mail when your application is approved.

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