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My 2006 Cobalt SS/NA
Tuesday, May 25, 2010 2:24 AM
its a 2.4l w/ VVT and a 4speed auto.
the color is Arrival Blue Metallic.
for the most part she is competely stock.

the only things done to it are:
red painted calipers
shaved the rear chevy bowtie [not pictured...yet]
took off the plastic engine cover
about to take the spoiler off the trunk [until i can find an Arrival wingless]

some mods i would like to have ASAP/planning on in the near future:
soon HID's, and when its time to change the oil, i bought Mobile 1 full synthetic 0W-30
and an AC Delco oil filter [which is the only filter to touch my cars]
K&N drop in, untill i get a CAI. and possibly, if it falls through, H&R "Race" springs.
im also, hopefully wednesday, going to tint the tails slightly, and get some 08+ SS/TC headlights
[they are factory slightly tinted, and have the clear corners]

plans for down the road:
red painted front bowtie
leather SS seats, painted interior trim, cover dash in leather,
full sound system, window tint, lots of C/F, rims, BOOST
im sure there is more, just cant think of it at the moment!

ive owned her since January. and it is amazing!
...the only thing i wish, i wish it was boosted, but
no money at the moment for that! haha!

finally on to the pics:

this pic below has my truck in the background: 2000 S10 LS extended 2WD. only 35k, no rust

photoshop of what i would like it to look like in the end :

rims i want[but i either want the black part powder coated Gun Metal or Arrival Blue Metalic to match the cars looks:

Re: My 2006 Cobalt SS/NA
Thursday, May 27, 2010 6:50 AM
good lookin cobalt, and sounds like you have some kool plans for it.

i love the look of cobalt coupes. i just can't stand the sedan's, ugliest car's ever put on the planet, my gf drives one and it's god awful.

Re: My 2006 Cobalt SS/NA
Thursday, May 27, 2010 12:43 PM
blucavvy wrote:good lookin cobalt, and sounds like you have some kool plans for it.

i love the look of cobalt coupes. i just can't stand the sedan's, ugliest car's ever put on the planet, my gf drives one and it's god awful.

thank you sir. but i have actually seen one or two very clean sedans, that i would gladly trade my coupe for.
but yes, stock, with like no mods, and not done clean, and not an SS of any sort, i would never be seen in one :p

but some updates:

got pics of the bowtie shaved.

the wing is off, and untill i can repaint the trunk, the holes have been taped off with blue electric tape.
IT IS SO MUCH CLEANER LOOKING NOWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also, i have begun tinting my tail lights, and i must say, idk if i like it just yet. but it is de3ff slowly growing on me.
i didnt want to black them out, i just wanted to give them a slight tint over factory stock look.

and my H&R "Race" springs have been ordered. should have them in about 2-3 weeks.
but not sure when i will get them on!

car could use a good wash and buff and all to get some scratches and marks off of it.
but that will happen when in get the front and back bumpers fixed from stupid people...

on to some pics again!

No wing!

starting the tint [still needs clear coat]:

tint and bowtie debadgeed:

Re: My 2006 Cobalt SS/NA
Thursday, May 27, 2010 12:45 PM
oh and my friend just pointed this out yesterday, and i just noticed it......
the antennas on these cars are like for RC cars! so big.....

Re: My 2006 Cobalt SS/NA
Friday, May 28, 2010 3:57 AM
Just like a J antenna

I <3 JGM
I think bigfoot is blurry,
that's the problem. It's not the photographer's fault. Bigfoot is blurry. And that's extra
scary to me. There's a large, out-of-focus monster, roaming the countryside.
"Run! He's fuzzy!" "Get outta here!"

In Loving Memory of Phil Martin December 14 2005

Re: My 2006 Cobalt SS/NA
Sunday, May 30, 2010 8:18 PM
^^^i actually still have not changed my antenna on the cavy yet either, lol.
but im trying to sell that once i fix all that damage!

but UPDATE again.
guy backed out on the selling the springs.
so i do not have them. looks like im gonna be
riding stock ride height for a while then! haha.
because $180 new from him compared to $350 new
from comepany is a big difference! and it took me forever
to save that much! haha! who knows when i will get $400

so i guess for now, i will see if i can get the trunk holes welded up
and the trunk re-painted for that price. and if not, i will be looking for
shorty antennas, getting my tails cleared [when i get time to finish them],
and some HID's for the headlights...forglights will come later when i get my bumpers
fixed, and lower grille and passenger fog put back in....hit n run...and under the cost of
my deductable. sucks!

Re: My 2006 Cobalt SS/NA
Thursday, June 24, 2010 10:35 AM
cut your antannae down with a hacksaw=free shorty antannae

Re: My 2006 Cobalt SS/NA
Friday, March 04, 2011 3:27 PM
^^no way jose!

gonna buy a nice looking shorty for it, when i actually think about it! lol
well just ordered DDM tuning 8000k headlights, 3000k fogs.
Went to CED and got the SS/TC upper and lower grilles,
and from GM Parts Direct got a new fog light assembly.
Just waitin on spring to get the car touched up paint wise,
now that i have a steady job again.

only bad thing about the rims i posted up i want for my car,
they only come in stock size [17x7] in the cobalts bolt pattern.
i would prefer something a lil wider and a size bigger!

but since i just spent over $600 on 4 new tires....i could
always just buy these, and put the new tires on those,
and next winter just buy snow tires for the stocks....

choices, choices!
still have yet to lower the car....
basically how u see her in pics now
is how she looks still.

still focusing on getting the cavalier painted up this spring,
almost have the money to get her sprayed now. just need
a few more parts for her yet. paint, mirror, rims, header and new exhaust.

Re: My 2006 Cobalt SS/NA
Monday, August 27, 2012 8:46 PM
Bringing this back.from the dead for anyone who cares...still haven't gotten suspension...and now I could really use it. But nothing has really changed a whole lot on the car. I ended up getting GMPP drilled and slotted rotors and hawk HPS pads all the way around, painted the stock wheels gold and started the interior trim in gold as well (going for Subaru look) I have started my audio project by replacing and amping the front speakers and put a new head unit in. As well as putting in the old sub from my cavalier. The biggest update is my transmission took a turn for the worst. Valving went bad, shift solenoid went bad, and the clutch packs started slipping bad. So I started buying up parts. B&M automatic trans cooler, TurboTechRacing solid poly transmission mounts, Team Green LSD, and a whole bunch of Valvoline full synthetic ATF compatible for my trans. Now that I have gotten all that. She is now in Michigan at Certified Transmissions getting a full ZZ Peformance 4T45E full performance rebuild, ZZP 2800 stall torque converter, upgraded valving, single chain conversion (just like they do on the 8-9second ZZP Grand Prix's), and all my extra goodies I have purchased installed! I get her back Thursday night. So if anyone is even still reading this. I'll keep you guys informed and I'll post pictures of the other mods I have done so far soon. Also DDM Tuning HID's both fog light and headlights have taken a dump on me twice in the first six months of having them in. Back to stock halogen until I can afford some from BuyHID's. DDM was c rap

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